Dawsons Music and Sound Ltd promotes ‘Pick up and Play!’

Dawsons Music and Sound Ltd promotes ‘Pick up and Play!’

Haydock based company aims to inspire people of all ages to find their instrument and begin a lifelong journey of creativity through positivity whilst embracing the wider music community. 

Haydock, UK – As most retailers can attest to, the past 12 months or more have been incredibly challenging. However, this long-standing musical instrument retailer retains an air of optimism for the future and wishes to share their enthusiasm for musical creativity and lifelong learning through their ongoing ‘Pick Up & Play’ initiative. 

For over 120-years, musicians ranging from absolute beginners to touring professionals have relied on the expert advice of Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd, not only when making instrument purchasing decisions, but also through music lessons, instrument repairs, gigging advice, etc. From Accounts to Warehousing, Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd is more a family of musicians who, between them, play virtually every instrument imaginable and have equally eclectic musical tastes. They all share a common desire to ‘Pick Up & Play’, whether it is to chill out and unwind, challenge themselves, or flex their creative muscles. 

The idea behind the ‘Pick Up & Play’ initiative is to encourage everyone to begin their musical journey. Beginners benefit from carefully curated instrument packs filled with everything needed to hit the ground running, as well as offering outstanding value. Intermediate and those with more experience are presented with logical next-steps in our ‘Level-Up’ packs. 

Reinforcing the Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd brand commitment to provide authoritative, informative, and transparent advice to customers and the wider music community, articles and guides from their growing Studio D platform will feature prominently on the ‘Pick Up & Play’ page and in Newsletter shoutouts, offering advice, hints, and tips. Alongside regularly updated content their growing community across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will be encouraged to share their progress through weekly challenges with support from the team every step of the way.  

Dawn Hayward, Head of Education & Marketing, stated: 

“At Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd we want to help those who are starting on their musical journey, want to progress to the next level, or seeking a completely fresh musical experience – in short, we want to help everyone achieve their full potential. Whether they hope of headlining the main stage at Glastonbury, performing all Summer long in Ibiza, making ground-breaking, Grammy-nominated records, or simply chilling out at home after a long day in school or the office – we want them to trust us to make their dream a reality. That is what ‘Pick Up & Play’ is all about, inspiring everyone to make music a lifelong passion.“ 


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Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd is a leading retailer of acoustic and electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, audio processors, and multimedia products. With more than 120 years of musical instrument retail experience, Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd set the standard in customer service for others to follow. For more information, visit https://www.dawsons.co.uk.