Demons – Contact High LP Review

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I have to say that it is an inspired move to re-release Contact High on vinyl – and 2 slabs of vinyl to be precise – the album originally being released in 2009. It was released on 23 June 2014 by Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL013). It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop 
I have to be honest though, I’ve been living under a rock as far as Contact High is concerned because I haven’t heard it until now. But the good thing about coming out from under such a rock is that you get to appreciate this really is a brilliant album in every way. The guitar has great variety of tone, chunky riffs and solos; drumming is energetic; solid bass parts and the vocals fit the style really well, seeming to sit just off the beat in a lot of tracks. The result at times is that ‘don’t give a shit’ sort of sound which is energetic, quite edgy and some times almost manic, best described like teetering on the edge of a cliff. But Demons are equally at home with more acoustic sounds and more down tempo songs which is all part of their sound and shows a high level of accomplishment and togetherness you need to achieve this. There are definitely early Seattle influences and also a hint of Black Sabbath for me.
‘2009’ Opens the album with a distorted / feedback guitar which sets the scene very nicely then launches into a great groove with great riffs and solo parts. The vocals compliment the song very well and the whole song has an edge to it.

‘Nervous – Alive’ Raises the tempo with a killer opening riff which then changes to another equally chunky riff which really drives the song along and it maintains this energy throughout.

‘Alpha and Omega’ slows the tempo somewhat but maintains the chunky riffing throughout the song accompanied by a well played solo which sets up a solid groove.

‘The Recidivist’ Another solid opening riff, track has more of an edge to it, great effects and solo.

‘Out of Focus’ opens with a more acoustic feel but acts as a sort of prelude for the next song.

‘Jamming on the 13th floor’ has the same sort of feel to the opening, then develops a similar acoustic riff and groove. Just a hint of middle eastern flavour and the vocals feel more uptempo on this track.

‘Great Shakes Baby’ opens with a nice sounding wah-wah and again builds a groove based on a solid riff. Good vocals too.

‘Cruickshanked’ Another solid opening riff, great energy and groove and nice solo.

‘Prismatic Reflections’ This has a very laid back almost lonesome atmosphere to the opening, in fact it reminds me of Texas. The state, not the band. Riffs enter the track later on as the tempo gradually builds and a solo also enters the track. The solo and riff build and release tension culminating with a crescendo of feedback and a solo before relating the tension gradually, well sort of, to end the track.

‘The Plague’ Starts with a growl, a bass rumble like some imminent impending doom which leads into an acoustic riff and the track develops a solid groove but with an edge, building tension through the whole track to a crescendo and release.