Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Well hopefully anyway.
You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a little while and that’s because sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Last week I was on holiday which was excellent, especially as the forecast was really poor but the weather turned out much better than expected. And I had views like this:
I fully intended to have a series of scheduled posts through the week. For various reasons including family illness and generally not being organised enough this didn’t happen. I did however manage to get a few posts out before I went away.
I knew that I wouldn’t have wifi whilst away but wasn’t too concerned, I was fairly certain that things would be normal-ish. Even when I only had very patchy 3g I still wasn’t particularly concerned because I had a big listening list I had prepared and taken with me so could at least be doing something.
When the gradually dwindling battery in my phone decided that it was going to pack up in the absence of a signal – and the spare also decided to give up the ghost in sympathy – I was a bit put out. But what can you do apart from charge it a lot more frequently.
Instead I caught up with some reading by John Higgs who is a great author if you’re not aware of him. ‘First Church on the Moon’ is one of the few books recently that made me laugh out loud and ‘The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds’ is highly recommended reading. I also started a song in Caustic titled ‘Disintegrate’ which seemed particularly appropriate and since returning home I have included a quote from Discordianism about chaos which seems rather apt.
If you’ve ever had a failing phone battery, you’ll know what I mean by the weird and chaotic behaviour that ensues. From 60% to 10% in a matter of seconds then back to about 40% when you plug it in. Sometimes it won’t restart, often it locks up for no reason and other times works perfectly well for ages. Then loses signal and locks up. And won’t restart.
So all I can say is that I’ve decided to embrace the chaos. Hail Eris! It would appear that Mr Higgs work has influenced me more than I thought. I still haven’t got any reviews done yet. But I do have a new phone coming. And a very long list of reviews to catch up with.

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