Review of Rivers Flow Red! Sampler on Factory Fast Records

Rivers Flow Red!

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Rivers Flow Red! is the second ‘virtual vinyl’ sampler to be released by Factory Fast Records out of NYC. All four songs are mixed and mastered into one easily downloadable file. Virtual Vinyl means the songs are specifically engineered to sound like a record.
This sampler highlights four different indie rock bands each of which have their own sounds but each one demonstrate great drive and energy. There are really great grooves, chunky riffs and some very nice soloing across a range of diverse styles.
Those very kind folks at Factory Fast have made Rivers Flow Red! available to my blog readers for a very special price of $2 (that’s about £1.65) using this special offer link

The first track by Backbeat Circus opens with a great heavy riff and maintains a high energy throughout, briefly releasing the tension before building into a final chorus crescendo.

The second track by Lonnieclaire has a different feel, opens with a good little riff leading into almost disembodied sounding vocals. It’s got quite an edgy feel at times, good build and release of tension with some good lead soloing.

The third track by River Valley Search Party then raises the tempo somewhat, great intro building into a riff somewhere between glam rock and ZZ Top. Song maintains a solid groove on this sort of vein throughout. Nice use of organ sounds.

The fourth track by Great Reckoning has a great opening riff which reminded me a little bit of Mama Kin. Great groove complimented by very nice soloing.