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Variety of Sound announce public beta of 64-bit plugins

I’m a massive fan of Variety of Sound plugins, way back in 2013 I wrote a post called ‘My Studio’ where I referenced a number of their plugins in 64-bit.

I used epicVerb, NastyDLAmkII and DensityMkIII on a lot of productions.  epicVerb is a great sounding and very versatile reverb. NastyDLAmkII is a superb delay, echo and chorus effect with tape delay simulation.   Density MkIII is a compressor but that doesn’t do it anywhere near enough justice, it adds depth and clarity, vastly improving your sound.  When I moved to 64-bit they were one set of plugins that I missed the most so it’s great to see a public beta release of a number of their plugins. 

The public beta package is available until around mid-July.  Included in the package are epicVerb, BaxterEQ, preFIX, NastyDLAmkII, NastyVCS and DensityMkIII in both 32 and 64 bit, VST 2 and 3 for Windows PC.

Care is advised due to their beta nature and eventually they might crash, generate loud noises and things like that. Also do not use them in real productions since parameters and settings might change until release and break compatibility.

For more information, download link and to report issues please go to the Variety of Sound website.