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WEATNU launches WEATNU VIP – a rally point for leadership in Indie Electronica

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WEATNU VIP – A Rally Point For Leadership in Indie Electronica
On 13th June 2016 Almark Thaolen, Founder of WEATNU (We Are The New Underground), announced a bold new initiative to form WEATNU VIP. This entails WEATNU’s most ardent Members to proactively serve as a broad visionary committee for guidance and Indie Electronic Music Evangelism. WEATNU VIP’s cooperative efforts will assist all members of #WEATNU attain greater exposure for their Music to be heard. Already, this clarion call has been met with an overwhelming response, as over 100 Members have risen to meet this new challenge. Building on the success of WEATNU Records’ “Year One” Compilation Album, WEATNU VIP has released it’s 1st Compilation as a WEATNU VIP Soundcloud Playlist (embedded above), which has already been receiving heavy traffic, with a 2nd WEATNU VIP Playlist and Artist Interviews to follow.
According to Almark, “A WEATNU VIP is anyone who helps We are the New Underground or its members grow. These are the people who spread the word, donate monthly or contribute support.”
WEATNU VIP has concentrated its strongest forces together to further WEATNU’s Global Reach and expand our Worldwide Audience across Music and Social Media to give all our WEATNU Members a greater voice and stronger Influence throughout the impenetrable Jungle of Today’s EDM Saturated Electronic Music Industry. Thanks to WEATNU, its strong sense of Community and their Affiliates, many Members have received invaluable National and International Internet and even FM RadioAirplay, Published Albums as DIY, On WEATNU’s Label and other Labels as well!
Founded in 2014, WEATNU (We are the New Underground) is an organization and movement dedicated to promoting its Membership of Electronic, DIY, avant-garde Musicians who stand outside and apart from the more Commercial EDM. With over 440 Members, WEATNU’s Initiatives include, Internet radio (Now 3 Streams), Record Label, WEATNU Magazine, Social Media, WEATNU’s Blog, and monthly Soundcloud Playlists featuring new WEATNU Members.
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