audio gym – a new feature on mixing and mastering featuring Martin Kristopher aka Trium Circulorum

I’m delighted to start a new feature on my blog called audio gym which will give practical hints and tips on mixing, mastering and music production.

I’m especially delighted that Martin is sharing his experience on my blog. He is a prolific musician having recorded under the names of 3dTorus, Kanal Drei, Trium Circulorum and 3rd Witness. I’ve reviewed a number of his excellent releases on my blog. He also previously released my ‘Lurking Fear’ album when he ran the Mobius Spin netlabel and has always been very helpful and supportive and I’m sure there will be something for everyone.

audio gym will be a series of articles discussing topics such as mixing, mastering and production. It will focus on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) types such as EQ, compression, saturation, stereo field manipulation and reverb rather than special models or manufacturers and will include a Q&A session.

audio gym has it’s own dedicated page to keep the flowing discussions together in one place.

Part one (overview) is now available.