Audio Gym : Part One – Overview

I’d like to talk about mixing first.

A topic that people are often asking me about is how to build THE mixing chain. It’s obviously fun, an art and a science at the same time and I really love to talk about it. I’ll build an exemplary mixing chain to possibly inspire you.

We’ll not only talk mixing chains but mixing in general and stereo mixing compared to mid-side mixing. Also we’re aiming to provide you with detailed mixing tips.

Since I first tried mid-side mixing in 2012 a lot has changed in my perception of sound re/ de-mudded subbass, tonal bass and low drums (e.g. Kicks, Toms, Tumba, Djembe, Timpani). The stereo panorama in this frequency range offers interesting possibilities.

The most important thing (IMHO) I can share on mixing is that everything is allowed. Try out everything you consider possible. Imagine – your DAW is a playground and your parents aren’t there. What counts is sound. Don’t invest more work and DSPs than necessary. Pile up and strip back.

If you’re willing to invest some time in reading, listening and experimenting, then you should possibly keep an eye on Andy’s and my thoughts.