Boss Cloth – Followers of the Cloth EP on Omniphonic Records review

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Boss Cloth are a powerful 2-piece outfit formed in early 2013. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, Boss Cloth comprise of Matt Sirrelle – Guitar/Vocals and Rich Cowdry – Drums/Vocals. In the months since their first gig back in 06/13 in Dalston, Boss Cloth have gone on to play headline shows in Bristol and Southampton as well as support slots for the likes of Bite The Buffalo and Oxygen Thief. Followers of the Cloth is out now on Omniphonic Records and is available from iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play and Amazon.
This 4 track EP really highlights the different sounds and styles of Boss Cloth. Often heavy and high tempo, there’s great energy in each of these songs. The rhythm is tight, guitars have great tone with intense riffing at times. Vocals are varied giving good contrasts.
Lapdog This is a really high energy song which has great distorted guitar tones with intense riffing to open the song. The vocals are intense at times too. Built tension is briefly released before building again to round the song out.
Dancer This song is then quite a contrast, having a completely different feel to the intro. It has more spoken vocals. There is great riffing with nice changes in tempo and sounds to build and release tension.
Woohoo Has a great intro riff leading to a great groove. Vocals sit a bit behind the beat which works really well. Again there is some great riffing in this song.
Me and You Again there is great energy, a great bass riff intro leading into intense riffing and drumming. The vocals suit the song really well, getting really intense with a sudden release at the end of the song.