Review of Evil Dreams single by Elstow


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Formed by duo Jared Shaw and Chel Browne in July 2012 and borrowing the name of the building they lived in, Elstow quickly expanded to five members and released a five track EP titled ‘As the Sun Falls’ in 2014. Evil Dreams is the follow up single to the EP.
Evil Dreams has a great dreamy psychedelic sound. It has lush tremelo guitar to open with, accompanied by dreamy, ethereal vocals and a subtle organ backing accompanied by a solid acoustic guitar riff.
It’s a really laid back mesmeric opening to the song which evolves into a more uptempo feel in the verses which maintain a great groove before reverting to the great chilled vibe.
The song draws you in and it’s these really nice changes in feel and excellent harmonies through the song which give it a really captivating sound.

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