Favourite Videos of the Week (20/08/14)

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Latenite Automatic – Collapse
Great montage of different films in the production of this video. The song has a great drive and energy.

Robb Murphy – When Silence Comes
A great vibe to this song, really well played and great vocals. Video is really well produced.

Sarah Schonert – Muscle Memory, Fading
Great vocals and sounds on this song which has a haunting quality. Great use of artwork and photos in the video.

Eva Bowan – Midnight Gathering
There’s a great drone quality to this song with excellent layering and use of textures to create a brilliant soundscape. The video compliments the song brilliantly too, very well put together and rather spooky.

Ummagma – The Road to Lees
Great imagery in the video, it really holds yours attention. The song is a great blend of dreamy vocals and an almost chillhop groove, a very well produced song.

Francesca Fabris – Everlasting Dream
Francesca has a great voice that suits this folk sound very well. The song is really well played with a great feel.