Free sounds and a chance to collaborate courtesy of Thalamus Lab

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Lets face it, sound recordings are great. Especially when they have been curated from several artists around the world and include some original and unique sounds – underwater recordings with a custom made hydrophone, the new instrument Arpasauro inspired by harp and organ, field-recordings of wild insects, an experimental band improvising in a cave 700 metres deep, a japanese choir… the list goes on to include a total of 324 audio files organized in 30 sound packs adding up to a whopping 2.2Gb download file.
And best of all, it’s free. Yes free. Thalamus Lab have very generously made this XSL sample pack available free of charge licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 3.0 – but they need your help in return.
Thalamus Lab want to reach new horizons in collaborative art. They believe everyone will find something in the pack for striking inspiration and want you to get involved in the co-creation of the XSL album.
Participants are required to create audio works with the sounds in the XSL and are encouraged to collaborate in the process. Their goal is to connect creative people to work together on something special. Something created collectively and owned by all of us. They challenge us to join their open collaboration for breaking down barriers to collective evolution!
The deadline to submit final works is 01 March 2015. A selection of the submitted works will be presented by Harvestworks (New York), Niu (Barcelona), Netlabelism (Ghent) and Thalamus Lab (Berlin).
Guidelines and the download link can be found on the Thalamus Lab website
I’ve just downloaded the sample pack and had a quick listen. There really are great sounds in this pack, I’m really looking forward to using them and seeing what I can come up with. Anyone want to join in with me?

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