How, exactly, do you unexpectedly release an album?

 That’s a very good question. I can’t deny that however I try to answer, it sounds kind of ridiculous.
I’ve been meaning to create some albums of older material to upload onto Bandcamp to free up space on SoundCloud for some time. The problem is that I’m torn between leaving them as they are as a reflection of what I did at the time and updating them, utilising all the improvements in recent versions of Caustic and remastering to make them sound better.  Because space on Soundcloud is just about ok I’ve only started making one EP and am just finishing off a couple of newer versions of the songs so it should be ready soon.
But here’s the reason –  I Improvised 3 (#II3). From previous blog post ‘New approaches, new perspectives (part 2)’ you’ll hopefully know that this required a song to be recorded in one take. No layering or overdubs, no post production.
Can’t lie, the first few attempts were bad. I must have deleted about 20 times and that’s no exaggeration. But they got better.  Because it was one take recording I kept all of the slight changes in setup as different live sets.  I really got into live recording and ended up with enough takes for an album.  The other bonus is that applying the rules for no post production means that the recordings are ready to go as finished songs. I made an album cover and here it is.