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Review of Apologize for the Past EP by Bitter-Suss on Energostatic Records

Energostatic Records is a net-label based in Kiev, Ukraine. I only heard of the label fairly recently, they have been releasing material since around 2010 although I’m not sure if they’re still active. Their releases are typically ambient / dub techno / deep tech and you can purchase their entire discography of 46 releases for $0.80 which is a proper bargain.

One such release is Apologize for the Past by Bitter-Suss. This is a solid EP, it’s hard to pin down the style which includes ambient, techno, progressive and deep house elements. And that’s a really good thing because it’s an intelligent, very well produced sound with great development of the songs which have subtle movement and an edge of tension at times.

Apologize for the Past
Great use of delay on percussive sounds with a driving 4:4 kick. The ambience of the strings adds a great contrast and the Sax adds a great element. The bassline is deep and gives a solid momentum. Great evolution into a deep house type of sound. I really like the keys that add another great element.

That Day
Driving 4:4 kick rhythm with shaker, pulsing bass and background sound effects, there’s an urgency to the opening and an evolution of the groove with synth and bass adding great elements.

Your Footsteps
Atmospheric opening from pulsing synths, plucked string sound adds a great percussive element. The 4:4 kick and bass give a defined momentum and contrast against the ambience. The arp adds a great element and there’s a nice change in feel.