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Review of This So Called ‘Spirit’ by Strange Lights

This is an excellent album, it has a psych kind of feel at times, excellent grooves backed by atmospheric pads / synths, guitar riffs and excellent vocals. There’s often a contrast between ambient and more urgent elements, I really like the squelchy synth sound effects too.

Shaman Goat Dance
An atmospheric opening with evolving bass and distorted synth develops a solid laid back groove from really well layered elements. The vocals have a floaty feel. Nice change of feel with just bass and the acoustic guitar riff leading into a full groove again.

Spirit Drone
Swirling slightly distorted guitar riff to open, momentum is provided by bass. Vocals are floaty again and contrast with the more urgent sounding guitar. There’s an Eastern feel at times, it’s a hypnotic sound and the song takes on a jam quality when drumming enters. I really like the delayed squelchy synth sound effects too.

Sun Dub (See a Sunrise)
Kick and bass provide a great momentum with an evolving drone, the groove evolves with some excellent background sound effects and lead synth.

Sunken Dub
An urgency to the strings which open the song, it evolves with bass and pad, the strings fade to give a more laid back groove with a pulsing drone and excellent synth sound with an acid quality.

The Black Tortoise of the North
Atmospheric opening with guitar and synth, bass gives a momentum and the heavily processed vocals add a great element. There’s a subtle movement and great ambience and a nice change of feel with the harsher sounding synth leading into delayed sound effects.

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