Review of Recondite album by Dead Sea Apes on Cardinal Fuzz

Recondite was released on Vinyl by Cardinal Fuzz and these have unfortunately sold out. However, the album is available in digital format from Dead Sea Apes’ Bandcamp page and is embedded at the top of this post.

This is a monster album weighing in at about an hour and 3/4 long. It’s a superb collection of distortion soaked psych with drones, jams, solos, feedback and great use of effects. There’s an excellent intensity and brooding quality at times too. 

Tentacles (version) [Featuring Adam Stone]

A superb opener, it’s psych with a heavy dub element and a jam feel. The bass and drumming provide a solid laid back groove with guitar chords, 8 bit sound effects and guitar lead weaving in and out of the groove.  There’s brilliant use of delay and reverb to create a dub feel. The vocals are superb with increasing angst creating an excellent tension. 


An evolving opening with sparse drumming / percussion and drone, bass and guitar.  It’s a brooding slow jam building momentum with jangly guitar riffs and subtle lead. 

Planet V

Guitar lead line and jangly strummed chords are propelled by bass and drums leading into a solo. It’s an excellent jam. 

True Believers (version)

A similar brooding opening from drone, drumming and guitar lead, it bursts into distorted riffing returning to the more laid back groove building tempo to another distorted section, returning to laid back groove and building tension to a final release. 

Land of the Sun (featuring Gabriel Minnikin)

Distorted, tremelo guitar to open with ride cymbal and huge reverb guitar creates a siren like opening leading into an edgy jam propelled by bass with distorted lead, intense drumming and subtle spoken vocals that have a menacing feel. 

The Recognition (for Standing Rock)

A laid back feel to the opening with bass, slightly distorted guitar chords / riff and subtle drumming. A string type sound gives an almost Celtic feel. It’s a brooding tension with reflective qualities. 

Universal Translator

A pulsing opening from guitar with bass and drumming, a delayed guitar lead creates a great tension. Another excellent jam slowly building tempo and tension with distorted guitar riffs and solo. 

Lupine Wavelength

Strummed chords and riff to open with laid back drumming, there’s a brooding quality to the song with a building intensity from guitar solo and drumming with a release to end. 

Ruckstoss Gondoliere

Delayed sound effects to open, an atmospheric opening with guitar lead and great use of wah wah. It’s a slow jam, sparse bass and drumming build to a more defined groove with the guitar solo intensifying. The energy and tempo slowly build to a release with the song ending as it started with delayed effects. 


Reversed drum sounds and guitar to open, the song builds momentum with feedback and very distorted riff, it’s an edgy sound with a great tension and excellent changes in feel. 

Vamos Companeros

Uptempo drumming to open, distorted riff and delayed muted chords gives a solid groove. It’s an excellent jam with intensity and energy. 

Wilder Penfield (Penfield’s Mood Organ Mix)

Subtle drumming to open with emerging bass and guitar riff, it’s a groove with a distorted tremelo type riff and feedback effects building momentum to a guitar solo and release. 

Sunwolf: Lotus Island (Dead Sea Apes remix)

Ride cymbal and bass to open, vocals add a great element. Guitar riff adds a tension, it’s an atmospheric track with subtle changes in feel, superbly controlled. 

Knowledge and Conversation (Live at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge)

Bass and guitar effects / feedback to open, drumming gives a more defined momentum. it’s a brooding opening leading into a guitar riff with a kind of Eastern vibe. It’s an excellent jam with superb lead / solos. 

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