Review of Ruby Black (and the Layabouts) Imaginary 10" #18 on digitalDIZZY

digitalDIZZY is the 21st century incarnation of the legendarily shambolic Dizzy Positivity cassette label based in Bristol, UK and has an extremely impressive catalogue considering they’re only just approaching their second anniversary.
This album is a release featuring one of its founders, Ruby Black. There’s a great tension to this album, some excellent harsh sounds often contrasting with softer sounds and layered background sounds / percussion. I really like how the arrangements and production are controlled and give each sound space to grow and evolve.
A vinyl type noise to this track which is a great introduction to the album.
Underground shakedown
This song has a Vocoder type of sound to open which pulses and is layered against background sounds.
Pessoa in the margin(s)
A harsh drone type sound to the opening with a sound like radio static in the background. A synth sound adds an ambience which has great movement and kind of ebbs and flows between a more ambient and harsher sound.
Derelict air
This song has a haunting quality to the opening, a swirling synth sound and contrasting noise type of drone. There’s great movement in the sound with a great edge of tension at times.
Punchcard dub
Opening with emerging background and percussion sounds, this creates a great atmosphere with some excellent dub type sound effects too. The subtle drone elements and a sparse piano add great contrasts.
This has a drone type quality to open with a subtly used string sound which has great movement. A nice contrast against the background sounds too.
Cultural artefacts as socially symbolic acts
Great field recording to open with slowly emerging high pitch drone, there’s great movement in the sound with some excellently layered background sounds. It’s quite trippy at times.
Inside the outsider
An excellent edgy glitchy sound to open, there’s an emerging rhythm from great use of delay. Really well layered sounds, some are quite subtle which gives a great depth.
We all fall down
A great way to end the album, it sounds like a recording outside whilst tidying a table. A field recording with percussive sounds.
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