Review of ‘Ljudkamrater’ a split LP by Centralstodet & The Myrrors on Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records

Review of ‘Ljudkamrater’ a split LP by Centralstodet & The Myrrors on Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records

Sky Lantern Records and Cardinal Fuzz are excited to announce Ljudkamrater, a new split LP from the beloved Swedish prog rock heads Centralstödet and Tucson, Arizona’s own kommune psych rock ensemble The Myrrors. Long rumored and now finally seeing the light of day, the album is being released on black vinyl with the sleeve designed by Nik Rayne (The Myrrors) and with The Myrrors track ending in a Locked Groove.

This one slipped through the net somewhat, being released at the end of January last year. The vinyls have sold out but it’s still available on cassette and digital download on the Bandcamp page of Sky Lantern Records (North America) embedded above.

It’s a superb release with classic psych blues, jazz, distorted lines and fuzzy grooves with brilliant jam qualities. It has a timeless feel, encompassing many a nod to classic styles and artists such as Hendrix yet still sounding up to date.

Centralstodet – IE
A slowly evolving jam propelled by solid drumming and bass there’s an excellent interplay between the guitars playing lead lines and solos with great use of feedback and a building tension with a final release.

Centralstodet – Yttre Hybriderna
A solid groove from bass propelled by drumming, shimmery guitar chords and distorted lead line add a great tension. There’s a brooding quality to the song, an edgy solo building tension to a final release.

Centralstodet – Vegas Bodega
An almost jazz feel to the strummed, slightly distorted chords propelled by bass and drumming. An excellent groove with superb solo and great edge of tension.

The Myrrors – Rayuela / Night Flower Codex
An evolving opening with guitar, bass, drumming (and I think I heard strings and flute too) it’s got excellent jam qualities. There’s a slow release into Night Flower Codex, a superbly meditative and captivating 13 minutes of a slow jam with reverberating drone type bass, brooding drumming and strings / guitar and slowly building tension to a final release.
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