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Review of Silence EP by Depthcruiser

I love the vibe of this EP, it has a sound that’s difficult to describe, somewhere between deep house, ambient and dub techno.  Mellow grooves, deep kick, unusual background sounds and lush leads create an atmospheric sound that’s engaging and superbly layered and produced.

Special Lover

Evolving atmospheric opening from spoken words and synth, this song evolves into a mellow groove with electric piano, percussive rhythm, bass and drumming. A great laid back vibe, the whispered vocals are excellent. 

Night Without You

Piano and synth to open creates an edge of tension, whispered vocals lead into an uptempo groove with delayed percussive sounds adding a great element. There’s an edge of tension and great contrast between the driving kick and more laid back dub type delay with nice build and release of tension too. 


Excellent opening from vinyl crackle, emerging bass and synth, the kick adds a great momentum. I really like the percussive and delayed background sounds. The song has a brooding quality, building slowly to a final release. 

Journey Beyond Tomorrow

Electric piano to open with delayed percussive background sounds and running water type sound, it’s a slowly evolving groove propelled by bass and kick drum. I love the chilled vibe to this song, nice changes in feel and momentum whilst retaining the laid back vibe.

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