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Review of The Butterfly Effect EP by Fragile X on Bricolage (bc043)

An excellent EP that’s really hard to describe, there are elements of IDM and almost a dnb / dubstep feel at times. The complex rhythms are superbly arranged and processed, often contrasting against an ambience from synths and pads that adds just an edge of tension. Background sound effects are excellently layered too, there’s superb attention to detail. 

I really like how the EP grabs and holds your attention and allows you to interpret the songs in many different ways. 

Initial Conditions (0.506)

Industrial feel to the opening drumming pattern, drone and synth lead provide contrasting elements of ambience. Background sounds effects add a great tension, the kick really adds to this. The song has a brooding quality with great changes in feel. 

Chaos Theory

Uptempo delayed percussive sounds and feedback create an urgency, a kind of DnB / dubstep feel with background synth and pad adding an excellent contrast. The song builds really well with a great release. 

Strange Attractor

Impact sound effects and metallic percussion to open, the synth sounds complement perfectly. The bass arp and drumming give a great momentum. A great vibe to this song, its got the feeling of space exploration with the warp drive engaged, disengaged to enjoy the scenery and engaged again to continue the journey. 

Fractal Dust

Percussive rhythm to open, building to a complex rhythm propelled by bass. Synth lead is excellent and background sounds really add to the vibe. Great changes in feel, percussive elements form the backbone of the song with excellent synth and background effects. 

The Butterfly Effect

Percussive rhythm to open makes great use of delay effect building another complex rhythm. Background effects have a great dub quality at times and there’s a contrasting ambience from the pad type sound. The kick adds another layer to the percussion, great evolution to the song. 

Phase System (0.506127)

Atmospheric opening from vocals, another complex rhythm with great percussive sounds. Delayed synth adds a contrasting ambience. The bass is subtle but very effective. The layering is superb, some brilliant sound effects and synth chords / leads. An excellent edge of tension that builds through the song to a final release.