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This album has some great ambient qualities and more uptempo aspects too. Percussive rhythms are excellent comprising of some great sounds, some of which are bitcrushed or processed and a bit glitchy at times too. Synth sounds are also excellent with great use of delay. Basslines are varied from background and subtle to more upfront. The album has great layering of sounds and evolving soundscapes.
End of an Era This song has an evolving synth sound with a (bitcrushed?) kick, the percussion builds gradually and gives way to a synth lead line, returning against a great background drone which has choir like qualities. There’s really nice use of delay on the synth sound.
Gravity is a Mistake A great evolving synth to open, again the percussive rhythm builds gradually. There’s a nice edge to the song, delayed synth adds a good contrast especially against the background swirling type of sound. The more defined kick rhythm gives a great momentum to the song.
Molicules This song has an evolving bass sound and a great delayed synth sound again with a synth lead too. Percussive rhythm has a sparse feel, almost dubstep influence to it at times. The very subtle background bass works really well and there’s great layering of sounds.
Moving On This song has a subtle bass again, great rhythm from solid percussive sounds and there’s a really nice synth lead again. There’s a nice change in feel to the synth / bass parts and then the percussive rhythm builds again. Another great delayed synth, works really well against the original synth riff.
Recovery Great synth and effects to open the song against a solid percussive rhythm to provide momentum. The synth is quite edgy and adds a nice tension.
Stand Small A great synth riff to open, the kick drum adds a great momentum. There’s another solid percussive rhythm which has nice variations and changes. There’s another really good synth sound which adds a nice contrast and there are nice changes in feel through the song too.
The Future This song has an electric piano type sound, uptempo bass and a synth riff which works really well. Percussion is fairly sparse and a bit glitchy. There’s a really nice contrast between the different elements.
The Machine This song has a great evolving synth sound against an upfront bass. There’s another great percussive rhythm and great delayed synth riff. The song evolves really well with nice changes in feel. There’s great layering of sounds too.
The Trip There’s a great evolving synth overlain by a riff and a solid percussive rhythm and bass again. The song also has great layering and really nice changes in feel with a great contrast provided by the delayed synth riff.
This Isn’t Your World This song opens with bass and emerging synth with a nice delayed riff for contrast. There’s quite a sparse percussive rhythm which evolves into a more defined rhythm. The song has great evolving sounds and nice changes in feel creating a great evolving soundscape.