Review of The Geeky Disco Experiment – Burgerablage album

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Burgerablage has a great vibe to it but also some darker and more reflective aspects which provides a really good balance and contrasts. There’s a great variety of sounds and styles with a lot of acid influences but also techno, industrial, minimal and breakbeat. The percussive sounds are used really well and there are great bass sounds, synth sounds and sound effects. There are plenty of great grooves and rhythms and a few surprises in the remixes too.
Acid Soundtrack This song opens with some really nice panning in the intro and a great industrial sounding synth. The song evolves with great percussion sounds and more great synth sounds.
A Collection of Rhythmic Sounds This song has a deep bass intro and really good percussion sounds again too. The title is very appropriate, the song has a very rhythmic groove with great layering of sounds.
Human Dross There is a growly sort of sound which opens the track, I really like the pulsating movement in the background. It has more of a drone feel than the previous songs until a melody and vocals round out the song. Great soundscape.
Death Strip This song again opens with a great synth sound and a punchy bassline which leads to percussion. The song has good layering of different elements with a synth melody sitting slightly in the background. The drone elements give way to a more percussive sound with a great synth lead. Changes in the feel of the song work really well.
Human Nature Divides Us This song has great opening synth sounds leading into a bassline with a great groove. Percussion maintains momentum and there is great layering of sounds. Great old school acid song.
13587 This song’s intro pulses, pans and swells into a rhythmic bassline which is maintained and accompanied by a great lead synth sound.
Mauer This song has a great percussive intro with nice use of effects and glitch or circuit bent type sounds.
Fight Yourself There is a great intro to this song which from the title is kind of like winding yourself up. Very effective percussion again and great circuit bent sounds.
Burgerablage This song opens again with great percussion sounds and an acid lead sound which builds gradually. Again, great layering of sounds and a great minimal feel to this song.
Steckschlussel (Teil 2) This song has a great groove with really nice sound layering.
Contaminated This song has a really cool bass line, in fact the song is largely a bass solo and I don’t get to say that very often. There is also quite an edgy feel to this song.
Acid Soundtrack (Ice nach Spandau mix) This remix is sparser and slower than the original, there is really good use of sounds and sound effects. The remix maintains a solid groove throughout.
Acid Soundtrack (Clrc mix) This remix has a completely different feel to the original. It has a great drone opening, building into some really edgy sounds which creates really good tension in the song.
Death Strip (Clrc mix) This remix opens with a kind of urgency and great sound effects. Quite a harsh sound to this song, great contrast to the original.
Human Dross (Clrc mix) This remix has great synth sounds to open the song. The voice parts sit really low in the mix which is a great idea, you know they’re in there but can’t quite hear what they’re saying. The opening melody continues through the song and works well against the drone. Great percussion, layering creates a really good soundscape.

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