Review of Roofhare and Friends – Fantastique Plastique on Mobius Spin (mbsspn10)

Roofhare on twitter; Mobius Spin on bandcamp
Roofhare (Kees De Groot) composed a track entirely of sounds recorded from plastic objects. Artists were then invited to manipulate these sounds in any way they saw fit. However there were no samples or stems available, just the original track to work with.
This album released by Mobius Spin is the result. It comprises of the original track and 8 remixes or collages as Kees prefers to call them. A simple yet brilliant idea has produced 8 excellent interpretations of the original song. I’m very pleased to have been part of this project and highly recommend you check out the contributors’ other material, details of where to find it are on the Mobius Spin album page.
Nystada – Plastisch Fantastisch This song has a classic analogue synth lead sound combined with some great glitchy rhythms and spoken German lyrics. It’s got quite an edgy feel and is really well produced.
M3t4rt! – Industrial Plastique Builds a drone really nicely leading to a flute type of sound. This has an organic quality against the more stark drone elements and ends with what I can best describe as a requiem. M3t4rt! describes the song as a dystopian turn on the lifecycle of a plastique bag and it fits that description very well.
Ian Haygreen – Plastique Fantastique (Mecanisme Remix) This has some great ambient sounds against the rhythm of the original track. Ian wanted the track to summon up the image of being inside a timepiece and this is a great description, I can see the cogs and wheels turning and hear them echoing. They’re keeping very good time.
Dental Drill Slips – Fantastique Plastique (Drill Mix) This song has great drone qualities and a haunting feel, it’s a great soundscape that wouldn’t be out of place in a H P Lovecraft story.
Andrulian – Plastique This song is my entry, not saying any more…
Isotherme – Fantastique Plastique (Stomp Remix) There’s a really great vibe to this song, it has brilliant bass, melody and a solid rhythm. It is really well produced, the countdown is a really nice touch.
The Geeky Disco Experiment – Kunststoff This song is a great example of creativity. It has a sparse industrial sound containing experimental elements, processed vocals and great sounds.
Nermond – Sixteen Plastic Warships Nermond created the track from a loop from left over audio played against the original track to create new loops. Great experimental idea, really like the sound and subtle variations in the resulting track.