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Review of 'The High Life' album on Factory Fast Records

An excellent collection of Americana songs from blues to country to country blues to rock, the playing is excellent throughout with a really tight knit sound. There’s an excellent vibe to this album which has great riffing, wicked grooves and lovely vocals too.
Ac G – Nasty Rumours
Excellent slide guitar playing on this song which creates a great vibe. The vocals suit the style of the song really well, an edgy lonesome sound.
Bryan James – Leave Me Alone
A great old time country sound with guitar, fiddle and lap steel. The vocals tell the story really well, I like the use of two vocalists and there’s some great harmonies too.
Julie Gibb – All My Yesterdays
A modern country feel to this song, a positive upbeat sound with lovely vocals and harmonies too. The drumming and bass are really tight knit and the guitar riffs are excellent with a really nice solo too.
Gene P Kelly – High Life
A brilliant country blues opening riff creates a great groove which is really enhanced by subtle distortion and there’s a subtle solo too. The vocals are excellent, they have a laid back feel with great depth and presence.
Pikapolonica – Working on the Vineyard
I really like the opening riff which creates an excellent blues vibe. The guitar playing is solid throughout with great riff and solo elements. The vocals really suit the style of the song too, they have a great intensity and passion to them and the song is propelled by really tight drumming and bass.
The Stunt People – Carried Away
A great groove from the opening guitar propelled by excellent drumming, percussion and bass. The vocal harmonies are excellent too, there’s really good changes in feel between uptempo and more laid back parts of the song. There’s some excellent guitar lead lines too.
Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band – Devil in My Dream
Opens with what sounds like a radio show quote, there’s a great opening riff accompanied by really good vocals. Distortion gives more of an urgent feel to the song. There’s a great edge of tension at times and an excellent solo too.
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