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Review of 'Kiss Me Deadly' compilation on Factory Fast Records

This is a great compilation with a range of different styles from acoustic, grunge and stoner to prog rock. I really like how the songs are quite hard to categorise because it means that each artist has their own sound and they each bring a great energy and vibe to this compilation, an excellent mix of atmospheric openings, grunge riffing, uptempo chord vamps and an edge of angst at times too.
Room1Fourteen – Living in Dreams
A great atmospheric opening, I really like the piano and guitar riff combination. The song has a great momentum, the vocals give a feeling of angst and longing. There’s a cool solo too.
The Mad Sugars – Match Maker
A great uptempo vibe from the opening guitar chord vamp with solid bass and drumming propelling the song along. There’s some great vocal harmonies and a great solo too.
BisonSound – Sweet Tooth
A great distorted chord riff to open, the bass and drumming enter to give a kind of brooding quality. The song has a grunge vibe, vocals are more spoken which suits the style of the song really well. Some nice changes in feel too.
Anti – Taillights Fading
Opens with a sound like tuning a radio in leading into a stoner type of vibe with an excellent riff backed by solid drumming and bass. The vocals are great, a nice change in style to a more urgent feel in the chorus. There’s a great release to a laid back vibe which has an improvised kind of feel which builds tension to a final verse and release.
The Insufferables – Happy Now
The song has a bass riff to open with excellent spoken vocals. A great riff enters followed by a distorted chord riff and drumming to give momentum. There’s some good harmonies too. The lyrics are really sarcastic, they’re excellent and the vocals tell a great story with a simmering tension at times. There’s some really nice rock and roll soloing too.
The Harrison Brothers – Luminar
A great riff and strummed chords to open, it has a kind of celtic feel. I really like the arrangement, the guitar playing is excellent and the vocals are great too. There’s a nice change in feel to a more uptempo sound with drumming and distorted riff. The song has a kind of classic / prog rock feel.
Jude – Talk to Me
A great jangly trem riff to open, the song has a great momentum from bass and drumming. The vocals have a great angst to them which provides a great contrast against the more upbeat jangly guitar.
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