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Review of ‘Feels Like Heaven’ single by Sam Lyon

Sam Lyon is Cheshire (UK) based up and coming singer-songwriter currently sending shockwaves through the music industry with her unrivalled success as a proudly independent artist.


Despite being a team of only one, with no record label, no management, and no hefty PR team, Sam has rapidly surpassed a lot of her endorsed competitors, landing herself a prime-time performance slot on Sky TV, reaching #1 on the Tradiio Global Charts and #1 on Round Sound Radio Charts (a position she held for several weeks), receiving numerous music awards, accomplishing international radio play for all of her releases, and bagging herself 2nd place in The Best In Music Awards 2019, all entirely independently.

Her status as an established, ambitious, and reputable artist is only demonstrated further by her relentless touring schedule, which, pre-COVID, has seen her average 250-300 shows every year.


With three self-managed UK tours under her belt, her latest tour saw her hit the road for the first time with her new band consisting of a pianist, violinist, and cellist. This decision came following the huge success of her previous singles, for which she surprised her followers by recruiting a string section and choir to record two brand new songs in an impressive cathedral set-up. The first release went viral, receiving over 70,000 views on Facebook alone within its first two weeks of release, with her second single of the series earning her a four-page spread in The Guardian newspaper as well as high acclaim on radio stations and publications worldwide.


Alongside her latest tour, Sam also announced that she would be releasing a brand-new range of eco-friendly merchandise, made up of recycled and locally sourced materials, zero plastic, and handcrafted items. The range included products such as bamboo and canvas lyric tapestries, tote bags, and cork USBs in jute bags filled with tree seeds. The new eco range proved so popular that it sold out on the first night of the tour alone.


Now working on her debut album, Sam is hoping this will be the final jigsaw piece following her seven previous singles and three EPs, helping to secure her further international success and recognition. With regards to the album plans, Sam is keeping a lot of the details under wraps, but has made it clear that the album should be expected by the end of this year.

‘Feels Like Heaven’ is a cover of the 1984 hit of the same name by The Fiction Factory.  It’s stunningly beautiful, a reflective, minimal arrangement coupled with Sam’s lush vocals create a truly captivating sound, 

What makes this all the more poignant is the motivation for recording and releasing this song is a tribute to her late father, John. Passing away very suddenly and unexpectedly in April 2020, Sam struggled to deal with the loss and put her music career on hold, finding it far too painful to even think about since her dad played such a key, supporting role in her profession.

It took several months of support group therapy to give Sam the confidence and strength to even think about her music again. In a bid to ease herself back into things, she invested in some home-recording and production equipment so that she could take things at her own pace, recording in a comfortable, pressure-free environment whenever she felt capable and inspired to do so. Having always used recording studios and sound engineers previously, Sam had never recorded or produced anything herself before, so also saw this as an opportunity to learn something new.


Shortly after making this investment, Sam serendipitously discovered an old CD in her dad’s car. It was a mixtape he had put together of all of his favourite songs, along with a small booklet insert which explained his memories and connections with each track. This song was one of them. It was a song Sam had always associated with her dad, as it had been his ringtone for as long as she could remember. Whenever the opening riff begins, it’s like her dad is back in the room again.


Naturally, it became an obvious choice to her to take on this song as her next project to help ease her back into her music career. Writing new material was still too raw and impossible, and picking her guitar up only made her miss him more since he was the first one to teach her how to play. And so, using her new production software and recording equipment, Sam made a start on learning how to create a brand-new, digitally crafted track, using her dad’s favourite song as her starting piece. As the track evolved and progressed, Sam became more and more certain of the decision that she wanted to officially release it.


Not only was it a fitting tribute to her father, but it had also become an indication of her strength and ambition for getting through one of the hardest times of her life, and choosing to grow, learn and develop, rather than dwelling on the tragedy and walking away from her music altogether. The song was a part of her emotional journey, and that was something her followers had always shared with her since she first began her music career over a decade ago.

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