#WEATNU : We Are The New Underground – are you?

If you’ve seen the #WEATNU hashtag floating around twitter lately, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Well the embedded podcast above features 2 hours of WEATNU artists and will give you a pretty good idea.
#WEATNU – We Are The New Underground
WEATNU website
Simply put, it’s a showcase for hidden electronic music talent. WEATNU wants to allow your music to be heard again. By seeking out the unknown musicians who are doing amazing things in their home studios, it gives musicians the exposure they need, on a word of mouth basis.
And to be honest, it’s a great showcase. The website has weekly artist features, interviews, podcasts and even a 24/7 netradio stream. And what I really like about the whole concept is that it’s not about money. There’s no exclusivity or contracts involved. The website does not make money from submitted music, neither does the Internet radio station and neither of these are ad-supported. As an artist you therefore won’t receive royalties as a result but you get something much more valuable – exposure. The opportunity to get your music heard and find great new artists in the process is much more rewarding. Something increasingly difficult to do yourself these days it seems and if you don’t like it you can simply opt out.
How do get you get involved? Firstly I’d advise checking the website link above. It has loads of information and explains what WEATNU is all about in more detail. If you want to submit songs that’s easy – it’s a simple case of submitting your music to the Soundcloud group and they’ll get you started once the music is screened and approved. WEATNU Soundcloud page