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Review of 'The Waiting Room' Album by Adryelle on WEATNU Records #WEATNU

To put it simply, this is superb.  Adryelle has created an album which is beautiful with an edge of sadness and a haunting feel at times.  The vocals are excellent, the contrasting quality of beauty and sadness connects deeply making this a really captivating album.  It’s not just about the vocals though, it’s also really well produced, there’s excellent layering with really good synth sounds with nice arps at times and excellent percussion and rhythms.
The Waiting Room
This song has a brooding quality to the opening, great background sounds and synth sound.  The vocals are spoken, really lovely but with haunting qualities too.  Percussion enters to give the song great momentum.  It’s the contrasting sadness to the beauty of the song which makes it so captivating.
The Shoreline
A great synth / arp type sound to open, the bass is subtle but really effective.  The song has great layering, percussion builds and releases tension really well.  The vocals are excellent again, there’s some great piano playing too.
This song has a more uptempo feel to the opening, a great synth sound with an arp type of effect.  There are excellent vocals again and a brilliant emerging lead synth line and great layered background sounds.  It’s really well produced.
This song has a kind of 8-bit or chiptune feel to the synth sounds.  Simple but very effective percussion, there are also great layered background sounds.  The reverb on the vocals works really well.  I really like the way the layering builds through the verses returning to a more stripped back feel.
Never Let Me Go
This song has a great percussive opening and a solid bassline provides a great momentum.  There are excellent vocals again and really well layered synth sounds.  There are also some subtle harmonies and a great evolution of the song.
Kiss the Daylight (SiLenCe Remix)
This song has a brilliant atmospheric opening from strings and piano.  There’s a great percussive rhythm, the song is somewhere between future garage / liquid dubstep / chillstep.  I really like the change in feel, the sounds are excellently crafted and used to great effect.  Excellent vocals, the production of the song compliments their beauty / sadness contrast really well.
Black Chandelier (SiLenCe Remix)
This song has a great arp to open accompanied by excellent vocals, it’s quite an atmospheric opening, you can feel tension building leading towards an awesome drop with driving rhythm and bass.  I really like the production, there’s a great contrast between soft and more edgy harsher sounds.  There’s some great piano towards the end which builds tension to the drop again with a great release of tension at the end of the song.
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