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Review of 'Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt' Album by Kanal Drei on Romeda Records

‘Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt’ is the latest album by Kanal Drei (aka 3dtorus) released on Romeda Records. It is available for digital download on all usual suspect online stores around the world (iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon…) and also on Romeda´s Bandcamp page, and Kanal Drei’s Bandcamp page, both of which also include a CD edition.
It’s an absolutely superb album which has a sparse minimal / techno feel at times with great variety in rhythmic sounds. There’s often a driving kick rhythm but also processed kick sounds, contrasting against syncopated hats. There are some excellent and unusual synth sounds – great layering of these and sparse use works really well. I also like the dark ambience in some of the songs which creates an excellent texture / contrast.
Note that I scheduled this review to be published on the release date of 21st August so was unable to embed from Bandcamp ahead of release. However, I have been able to embed the video of Fruher below:

Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt
Great atmospheric opening, slowly evolving sound with swirling-type lead and background sounds. I really like the bass drone and sparse use of percussive sounds. There’s a great delay on the voice, it has almost otherworldly qualities with really nice tonal variations. Towards the end a 4:4 kick pattern gives a great momentum then disappears to end the song nicely with the swirling type sound.
This song has a great opening rhythm layered really well with synth sounds and vocals too. Again there’s an ambience which contrasts really well against the more defined rhythm.
Great atmospheric opening, kick pattern has a sort of urgent feel with background sounds swirling with a dark ambience. There are some great delayed sound effects sitting slightly in the background. The syncopated hats create a nice contrast and there’s great movement in the sound with a really nice change of feel about half way through.
Another great atmospheric opening, dark ambience contrasts really well against the kick rhythm. The synth sound is sparse but really effective and the rhythm has great reverb on crash / ride cymbals and hats which create great layered rhythms. There are some excellent contrasts building a really nice tension.
Great rhythm again, really like the delayed percussive hit sound. The syncopated hats gives a great contrast and again a great evolution of sound and excellent layering of percussive elements.
This song has a great driving kick rhythm and an emerging synth which has a filter sweep effect which works really well. Again a great rhythm, the song evolves a solid techno feel through great layering. The syncopated hats really adds to the momentum.
A great kick pattern to open, there’s nice variation in sound and I really like the EQ/reverb which gives a ‘suppressed’ feel. Syncopated hats create a great rhythm again and the sparse background synth sounds work really becoming more defined. Great movement in percussive sounds adds a really nice texture.
A great opening to the song, excellent percussive sounds and driving kick with great panning / delay. It’s an excellent rhythmic track, sparse synth sounds suit the style really well. I especially like the kind of pipe-like sounds which lead into an almost tribal section which maintains great momentum. The shaker towards the end adds a really nice texture.
This song has a driving kick rhythm to open, great synth sound and I like the way the sparse hats evolve into a more defined rhythm. Again the song has a minimal feel with nice variation in the synth sound. The lead synth sitting in the background creates a great contrast. There’s a really nice change in feel about 2/3 way through with a great release at the end of the song.
The 4:4 kick gives the song a great drive and I really like the ‘wah’ type effect on the bass which creates a great rhythm. The syncopated hat really adds to this and the filter sweep on the bass really opens up the sound especially when the synth sound uses a similar effect. It has a great ebb and flow with a minimal techno feel but really nice changes in feel and sounds.

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