Dark Sounds EP (Pigfarm Recordings) review


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Pigfarm Recordings is a collaborative enterprise represented by the performance centre at Falmouth University with the simple mission to produce, promote and showcase talent from their music courses but are also starting to showcase talent from the surrounding area.

contact: http://www.pigfarmrecordings.com

Dark Sound EP on bandcamp (free download) : http://t.co/ZKbgBnpqz4

If you really want to showcase a wide variety of styles and talent this is a brilliant way to do it. Creative use of elements from different styles to create songs without being typical of that style; very good arrangement and production; great playing and great vocals.  But not only that, there is a dark edge as you’d expect from the title and that helps to build the atmosphere and tension in a lot of the tracks, many of which have a bittersweet feeling of beauty tinged with sadness or melancholy.

Jamie Grimshaw –  Guilt

The track opens with a bit of a breakbeat / liquid Dubstep feel. When the vocals enter they are are not the typical processed style for this type of sound but they are very good and suit the song well. But then comes the drop which is totally unexpected and massive and the voice changes to one like you would hear in your head, well two actually, harmonised. Great groove. Lots of different elements blended together very well.

Abee Hague –  Now Breathe
This track starts out with a great sound effect like it’s going to be a massive dark ambient track but evolves with great percussion and vocals to a laid back groove.  The track has a great guitar solo too. There are quite a few different elements and the production is very good.  And I am slightly scared of Abee now.
Arthur Cunnington –  Loneliness Engine 
This track has a great arrangement of guitar, vocals, drums and bass. The vocals are great, telling the story really well. Guitar playing is very effective and well balanced against the other elements.  I don’t need to say much more other than it is a great track.

II – Let Go 
Very simple piano and vocal arrangement on this track but it is very effective with really good vocals and piano playing.  I really like the vocal harmonies.  It is a beautiful, if slightly haunting track.

Brano –  Interlude 
This is quite a short track so it’s hard to say too much about it apart from it is a great toned acoustic solo guitar piece.

Racquet –  Running 
Great electronic synth sounds and guitar in this track. Vocals are layered and harmonise well. There’s a kind of angst in the main female vocals. The track has a bit of an 80s feel. There is good tension building and release.
Colorless – time

This track has a great intro, vocals are kind of eerie and there’s a sense of not being quite sure where it’s going which adds a nice tension. But then an acoustic guitar part enters and the vocal ‘Ahs’ are well harmonised and work well against the vocals. The distorted guitar adds another layer of tension which works really well because it holds back from letting go completely which it kind of wants to do.