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Review of Hybrid album by Ophiuco on Seahorse Recordings

This is a superb album, it’s quite a hard style to define, essentially trip hop but with some great dub sounds at times too. All of the songs are excellently crafted and produced, layering is excellent using a range of sounds and frequencies to complement and contrast each other. The vocals are excellent, at times ethereal, sometimes subtle and sometimes with a great edge. There’s some excellent glitchy effects and great use of delay too.
I really like the glitched opening guitar riff accompanied by an excellent laid back groove. Vocals have a kind of ethereal presence, there’s an excellent riff and great layered background sounds. The song has a great change in feel to end.
Great reversed sounds and layered sounds backed by a great groove to open, the bass is subtle and adds a great element. The vocals are also laid back and arranged really well. The song has a great trippy feel and is really well produced.
Pneumatic Psycho Bodhidharma
Driving kick to open with what sounds like bitcrushed percussion and really well layered background sounds. Great use of delay, distorted riff and I think a Sitar. Nice change of feel when the vocals enter giving the song a more uptempo feel. The vocals are excellent, providing a great laid back vibe. There’s a really good slow build of tension with some well layered background sounds to a release at the end of the song.
Great atmospheric opening with really nice contrasting drone. Vocals are really soft and subtle. Great layering of sounds and I really like the use of delay. The song is an excellent soundscape.
This song has an excellent groove to open with sparse rhythm and shimmery guitar and excellent vocals. There’s some great layered sounds providing an edge of tension at times.
Stress is a Killer
Great riff to open, a hint of a drone and some great background sounds. Again a great groove from a sparse rhythm and the vocals create a nice edge of tension at times. The synth is a great element leading to a really nice change of feel with great background sounds returning to the groove.
Scrowls of Intentiones
Trem guitar and the use of recorded sound in the background are a great opening to the song. Again a slow rhythmic groove with a great bassline. Excellent vocal harmonies, a spoken style with a really laid back vibe.
This song has a delayed synth to open with a more uptempo drumming pattern. There’s a great drone and effects with nice change of feel when the vocals enter. Another laid back vibe, vocals are laid back suiting the style of the song really well. Excellent background sounds again, really well layered.
Out of the Window
Great glitchy percussive opening with an edgy riff and excellent vocals. There’s a really good edge of tension between the different elements and layered sounds. I really like the contrast between the trippy vibe and dissonant elements.
Transitional Eyes
Great synth sound to open with really sparse rhythm which takes a more defined form. There’s an edge of tension at times, bass and riffs have an improvised feel with some great background sounds and an excellent guitar lead line too.
Game Machine
Great sound effects and rhythm to open contrasted by ethereal vocals which are excellently arranged and processed to give a really trippy and edgy feel to the song. There’s some great layered sounds, some of which are quite harsh providing a great edge against the rhythmic looping percussive sounds.
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