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Review of 'What's to Become of Us?' EP by Soft Picasso

Hailing from the seaside town of Morecambe in Lancashire , songwriter Nik, formerly bassist with John Peel session regulars Ella Guru, provides the musical foundation for the band’s sound. His understated delivery is complimented by the warm rich textures of Clare’s vocals. Clare, from Monmouth is an accomplished singer and founding member of a capella trio Barbieshop.
Recorded in a bedroom in Liverpool, the duo’s stripped back approach uses simple guitar, bass, keyboard and drum machine arrangements to support their intimate storytelling.
Soft Picasso have a great sound, at times jangly indie, other times there’s an acoustic folk or country influence with brilliant harmonies and a great edge of tension. The EP is a great collection of songs that highlights their talents really well.
Blue Eyed Boy
Quite an uptempo drum pattern to open which is accompanied by brilliant harmonies and a great riff. Verse has great vocals and really nice harmonies too. The guitar riffing gives a great momentum and the song has a nice edge of tension.
For Your Own
There are great sound effects to open accompanied by drums and a really nice guitar riff. The vocals are laid back with great harmonies again. The bass gives a great momentum and there’s a nice change of feel too.
Rebel Pavements
Acoustic guitar and vocals to open with great harmonies and the bass gives a really good momentum again. The drums enter gradually and are quite sparse which works really well. Great arrangement of the song too.
Wrong Type of Night
Great groove to open from drums / percussion and bass, the vocals are excellent again. There’s a really nice change in feel from laid back to more urgent and great harmonies again too. Really subtle build and release of tension.
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