Favourite Videos of the Week 14/08/14

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Blabpipe – Life
There’s a great energy to this song which also has great riffing and vocals. Really like the lyric video idea too.

The Hours – Steady Glazed Eyes
Great vocals on this song, really nice laid back groove.

Civilized Tears – Stars
This is a brilliant video, works really well in back and white. And it’s got the most waterproof mascara I’ve ever seen. The song is really catchy with drive, great vocals and great harmonies.

Lazy Lee – Full Circle
Lazy Lee have a great sound and the song demonstrates a real togetherness and polished performance. The video is really well produced and an ideal way to showcase their talent.

Martyn Bailey – Panic in the Skies (Radio Edit)
Nice blending of old and new video footage, really like the piano playing and the great vocals.

A Day for Strange Birds – Albatross
This video is described as ‘mostly trees blowing’ and it is, but it works really well, suiting the dark feel of the song and the evolution of textures and tension.