You are currently viewing Review of Ascend! album by The Cult of Dom Keller on Little Cloud Records and Cardinal Fuzz

Review of Ascend! album by The Cult of Dom Keller on Little Cloud Records and Cardinal Fuzz

Ascend! is the latest release by The Cult of Dom Keller released by Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records on Vinyl, CDr and all digital platforms from January 17th 2020.

Ascend! is a 600 Vinyl Pressing (175 x Solid Orange, 425 x Colour Marble Vinyl) and is presented in a 350gsm reverse card sleeve with full colour/size insert and download code available from Cardinal Fuzz (UK based) or Little Cloud Records (US Based).

Ascend! is a superbly intense, heavily distorted affair packed with riffing, solos, feedback and a great energy. There’s superb control too – whilst high intensity and full on at times, it’s reigned in just enough to keep you teetering on the cliff edge. 


Slowly evolving alternating distorted chords with a disembodied voice leading into a metallic drone / feedback type of sound creates an edgy anticipation, an excellent opening. 

Hello Hanging Rope

Bursts forth with distortion / feedback and uptempo drumming, it’s an edgy, high energy jam with intense distortion and feedback, superb solos too. 

Interlude I

Gnarly guitar and slowly building drums are given atmospheric backdrop with keys (an organ type sound). 

I Hear The Messiah

Another brooding jam, distorted guitar propelled by solid drumming and bass give an urgency, an uptempo feel. It has vocal qualities at times with intense soloing creating a build / release of tension and some excellent psych sound effects too. 

Beautiful Sickness

Plucked strings and drone create an atmosphere given depth by bass, spoken vocals are subtle and disconcerting. The keys riff and strings give an excellent change of feel, 

The Blood Donor Wants His Blood Back

Superb jam with distorted riffing propelled by drumming and bass, it’s an uptempo vibe with subtle movement and a great brooding quality with superb build of tension to a final release. 

Interlude II

Picks up where Interlude I left off with a gnarly, pulsing sound. 

We’re All Fucked (Up)

An excellent groove from riffing and more laid back drumming and bass, guitar has a huge sound teetering on the edge of feedback. Vocals and keys add excellent elements. 

Jam For The Sun

Keys and distorted guitar propelled by drumming and bass, it’s a superb groove with hypnotic solos, excellent changes of feel and a building tension to a final release.