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Review of 'Atomic Appliance' album by Roofhare

This is an excellent album, there’s a great attention to detail with some very well crafted sounds which are layered really well. There’s great percussive sounds, some of which sound like struck items and great synth sounds too including great arps which create intricate rhythms. Some of the songs have an ambience which contrasts really well against synth sounds or more metallic sounding percussion. At times the album feels like songs were improvised or recorded live and there’s a great jazz vibe at times too.
The album is free to download but any donations will be very gratefully received because all 100% of them will be forwarded to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank supporting their work in providing food to people in need, especially children.
Dome Humming
This song makes great use of ‘found sound’ percussion hits with great delay and reverb. There’s great layering and separation of sounds. I really like the stringed instrument which has great tonal qualities. There’s almost an ambience at times which contrasts really well against the percussive rhythm which grabs your attention.
Atomic Appliance I
I really like the evolution of this song. It has a sparse opening developing more of a rhythm. Great sounds, the arrangement gives them lots of space. The ‘squelchy’ bassline is a great element giving more of a defined momentum with increasing frequency of sounds. There’s great layering again, the song has the feeling of a live or improvised performance.
Atomic Appliance II
There’s a great arp to open providing a rhythm and melody, there’s a dissonance at times which works really well. There’s great movement in the sound too, synth sounds placed subtly in the mix work really well adding a great element.
Atomic Appliance III
This song continues in a similar vein, a rhythm and melody arp to open but this time with background synth sounds with great drone qualities but also really good movement in their sound too. There’s great layering again too.
Ode to Alice Herz-Sommer
There’s a different feel to this song, great use of recorded sounds to open, a really good rhythm and bass with layered synth sounds. The song has an abstract feel, like thoughts coming and going. The recorded voice parts work really well.
Open Skies, Open Heart
Bass and delayed synth to open creates a great soundscape, there’s excellent layering and a great emerging string sound followed by lead synth part. There’s a great contrast between the ambient synth sounds and more urgent feel of the delayed sounds.
Melancholy of Nostalgia
This song has an almost cinematic opening, string sounds are great especially against the background sounds which are layered to great effect. It’s like there’s an organic part and contrasting robotic or metallic / constructed part. The song evolves really well.
Requiem for Layers
A great opening soundscape, bass compliments the synth sounds really well, there’s some really good swirling background sounds too. The song has real reflective qualities, a great arrangement and layering and a nice edge of tension too.
The Flues
This song has a great jazz vibe and a more defined percussive rhythm. It’s a great arrangement which gives the song an improvised feel.
A recording from a tennis club (presumably) forms a great backdrop for some excellent improvised jazz piano. I really like the contrasting digital sounds against the more natural piano and rhythm / bass. Again the song has a great improvised feel to it.
Sand Dollar
This song has a great opening sound which creates an intricate rhythm. Some excellent ‘pipe hit’ type sounds and layered melody give a great momentum. The drumming is almost breakbeat or 2-step which adds a great element. Really good changes in feel too.
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