Review of 414 – 4 Track Studies album by Jeffrey Larson on Linear Obsessional

An excellent study in minimalism, it’s an absorbing album with subtle and intricate changes in rhythm and feel. 

I really like how a few sounds are used to maximum effect, the 4 track provides the looping and polyrhythmic layers and effects such as delay and reverb are used sparsely but give a great sense of space. 


A plucked string, layered, has a kind or rolling or rattling feel. There’s subtle rhythmic shifts created by looping. 


An urgency to the rhythm, subtle delay gives a real sense of space and subtle movement. 


Evolving opening with reversed sounds, it’s a building melody with rhythmic elements. The sound is somewhere between an accordion and bagpipes with just an edge of tension. 


A drone and looped / layered picked string riff creates an intricate rhythm that ebbs and flows with an urgency / tension created by the polyrhythms.


Guitar and synth are layered to create a subtly changing rhythm. the slide adds an excellent element of movement. 

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