Review of The Laundry Tapes album by Roofhare on Mobius Spin (mbsspn017)

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A brilliant idea for an album which explores different themes really well. It has some hypnotic ambient tracks through to edgy industrial sounding songs and a darker edge at times. There is great layering of sounds and the album uses some great recorded sounds which sound a lot like impact or hit sounds and a few washing machine samples too.
Normal Cycle The song has a simple bassline and great percussion sounds which conjure up the rhythm of a Laundry or washing machine. There is a clever discussion of laundry symbols and their meaning and how to do washing properly. It’s like a public information broadcast!
Delicates Gentle Cycle Great ambience to the song with some really nice percussive found sounds or struck object sounds in the background. Great evolving string type sound and a really nice drone, the song has quite a hypnotic feel.
Water Fill This song continues with a similar sort of feel but uses an electric piano sound instead. Again there’s a really nice drone and great movement created by evolving and changing sounds. The song creates a nice tension by using altered chords (I think) and resolution of these.
Steam Cycle The song has a great opening rhythm from really nice percussive sounds. It uses great sounds and effects, having quite a sparse feel with a great guitar solo which uses delay to great effect. There is a jam feel to the song.
Gentle Evil Spin There is a great industrial sounding rhythm with vocal snippets and the song has a great edgy feel. There is really good layering of sounds and the song creates a great tension.
Herman does Laundry This song has a great rhythm which again is industrial sounding and uses loops to great effect. It’s quite an edgy sound and has really well layered sound effects.
Power Wash This song has a great sound effect to open with and a rhythm made up of industrial / hit type sounds. The song has an interesting melody, a bit discordant and creates a nice tension. The gnarly bass really suits the feel of the song.
Buttons in the Dryer The song has sparse percussion, reversed sounds create a great ambience to open with. Great synth sound with haunting qualities from the slow attack. Some great sound effects too, a really nice dark ambient feel.
Handwash in the dUb A brilliant dub feel to the song which uses more traditional drum sounds. The bass is kind of ominous, some great delayed effects too. Really good layering of sounds.
Laundry Lounge This song has quite a jazzy feel with a wandering bassline and brush percussion. The melody sits in the background somewhat and has a bit of an improvised distant feel.