Review of Back to the Past EP by Odd Common

Odd Common on soundcloud; Odd Common on bandcamp
Back to the Past has a great feel, some classic 80s sounds and synth pop elements but with a great modern edge and production. The songs are underpinned by great layered percussion, driving basslines, great synth sounds and vocals.
The Perfect Plan This song has a great opening riff, the song has a great momentum, some brilliant synth sounds and a wide variety of them too. The vocals suit the style of the song really well. There’s great layering of sounds and it’s really well produced.
Dear Operator There is a really nice pad sound to open the song which creates a great ambience. Again there is a great synth sound which plays a riff propelled by the drums. The vocals again are spot on and there is great layering of percussive sounds and synth sounds.
Congregation A really nice growly synth sound to open the song with a sparse kick drum followed by a great arp type of sound. There’s a kind of call and response feel to the opening of the song. Great vocals give the song a darker feel. Again, there is excellent layering of percussive sounds and some great synth fx.
The Train and the Tide There is a great arp to open the song with really nice panning and vocal effects in the background. Again there are great synth sounds and a good momentum to the song. There are good changes in feel to the song too when the vocals enter.