Review of The Ghost Position album by Odd Common

It’s been a little while since the last album Back to the Past, so it’s great to see another release from Odd Common. This is an excellently crafted album, there are some great bass and synth sounds along with some excellent piano and guitar riffs. Odd Common blends these different elements into songs with a subtle movement and great layering of sounds. There’s a very modern feel to the production but equally an excellent 80s synth vibe too.

le petite monde
A wonderfully atmospheric piano song with some really interesting layered background sounds.

insomnia victoria
A sound like a sonar with an excellent percussive rhythm using some unusual sounds. A synth arp and synth chords create a great momentum. Excellent piano playing again.

counting demons
A drone sound to open with a synth riff, strings and percussive rhythm. Very well layered and arranged sounds, great development of the song with excellent piano again.

le grand monde
A drone type of sound to open with, some great percussive sound and excellent piano again. There’s a nice change of feel followed by a return to the piano accompanied by an excellent bass synth and background sounds to end.

An atmospheric opening which builds with drone, synths and guitar. The drumming, guitar and bass create a great vibe. I really like the vibrato on the sustained synth.

the darkness between the nights
A glitchy sounding open with excellent bass. Vocals are processed really well and are dark and growly. The song has a kind of Celtic feel at times.

faglar av stal
Excellent synth and guitar to open, an atmospheric song with great layered sounds. The percussive rhythm is excellent and accompanied by a great sounding arp. Nice changes of feel too.

omnipresent ghost
Lovely synth chords to open with layered glitchy background sounds which forms an excellent rhythm. Processed whispered vocals have a kind of eerie presence. Really nice change of feel to a more uptempo rhythm with organ and synth.

il mare sotto Le stelle
Great sound effect to open leading into an arp with swirling background synth. It’s a great soundscape and the guitar adds a great element.

ghost logic
Synths and strings creates an atmospheric opening with an excellent momentum from drumming pattern, bass riff and electric piano.

den sister psalmen
Bells and layered background sounds creates an edgy opening leading into synth riffs which have a kind of church organ feel to them. The piano riff gives a nice change in feel.

above the rain
Lovely piano riff to open, layered background sounds and strings compliment these really well. Vocals are superb. A great change in feel and a great way to round out the album.

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