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Award-winning producer, musician and a highly respected artist, Boris Carloff releases his second solo album ‘Morphosis’ on February 16th 2015, exactly two years after the release date of his debut ‘The Escapist’ a record which won three music awards and featured Doug Yowell (drummer for Lana Del Ray and Suzanne Vega) and singer Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack).
Simply put, this is a stunning album. It has such a great vibe – a bit edgy with a really nice building of tension in many of the songs. The vocals are outstanding and there are great sounds and layering.
What makes it so good is the way different styles and genres are seamlessly blended into Boris’ own sound. Which is really hard to describe because there are suggestions of dub, synth pop, glitch, ibm even classical at times yet the resulting sound is much, much greater than the sum of the parts, it’s brilliant, a really captivating album.
I’m an Island and People are the Sea This song opens with an ominous sounding drone which is accompanied by sparse percussion and great acapella vocals. The song has a great tension, evolving a great groove with excellently layered percussion and synth / pad sounds.
Days go By The video to this song is embedded above. Great percussive opening, quite a sparse glitchy feel with great dubstep type sounds, a synth pop feel and also a hint of classical at times too. Excellent vocals again, great layering of synth sounds and percussion create an excellent tension.
Cos You Know This song has great sound effects / arpeggio to open the song. Again it has a sparse feel with excellent vocals which combined with great synth sounds and layered percussive sounds create a great edge to the song.
Cave Has a vocal sort of chant to open which is accompanied by piano. Again there is sparse percussion and great textures and layering of sounds. The vocals create a great tension.
No Matter Opens with a nice pad sound and vocals accompanied by sparse percussion. There are evolving pad and string sounds, great contrasts and textures.
Intermezzo Is a shortish intermission, comprised of strings which is a great contrast to the other songs and has a classical feel.
All the Things at Last Evolving synth sounds to open leading to great percussion and vocals, a great edge and tension to the song but also with a really positive vibe in the chorus.
I’ve Been Thinking of You Has more of a spoken vocal style, it’s got a great vibe, kind of a bit jazzy, glitchy and dubstep. Female vocals are excellent too, provide a nice contrast and great harmonies.
Too Soon, Too Close Great guitar riff to open followed by great synth sounds. Vocals have a really laid back feel, sparse percussion and great sound effects create an evolving sound with a great flow and tension.
Last Runner Great piano playing accompanied by vocals, again a great tension and a sparse feel, evolving synth sounds work really well and the percussion adds a real momentum. Some great acid bassline sounds in there too.

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