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Review of Rogelia album by Danny Playamaqui

A superb album that is electronic and avant-garde at heart but also has acid, IDM and breakbeat vibes at times. The unusual time signatures create a great urgency and tension, contrasting elements work really well and grab your attention. 

There’s an excellent coherency given the experimental, avant-garde feel, it’s confusing and hectic at times but always compelling and superbly arranged and produced. 

Winter Light

Uptempo drumming to the opening gives an urgency, there’s an avant-garde feel to the track with arps, leads and synths creating a subtle tension. 

Citron II

Chords create great movement with just a hint of dissonance, propelled by uptempo drumming pattern with contrasting tension from the alarm type sound. Vocals add a great element and I like the changes of feel too. 


Delayed arp to open gives an urgency with some excellent acid type sounds. Drumming and bass give a great momentum and there’s a subtle edge of tension. I really like the changes in feel, it’s got an excellent avant-garde vibe at times and a building tension to a final fading release. 


A bass arp and synth lead arp weave around each other creating interesting and complex polyrhythms given momentum by drumming patterns. The acid sounds work really well, combined with the urgency and avant-garde feel of different sounds, rhythms and riffs it messes with your perception demanding attention. 

A Magician

Arp, synth, acid sounds and breakbeat drum pattern gives a sound with an edge of tension and a superb jazzy / avant-garde vibe. Excellent changes in feel. 


Bass, synth and percussion give a great edge of tension lifted slightly by drumming and synth lead. Excellent avant-garde feel again with a change to an almost drum and bass sound at times. 

Little Foxes

An idm feel to this track which has a subtle ambience and edge of tension at times. 


If there’s such a thing as acid charleston, this is it. An excellent vibe with a breakbeat feel, great energy and building tension to a final release. 


An ambience with drifting dissonant qualities, the breakbeat feel to the synth lead adds a great tension. There’s superb changes in feel, unusual time signatures and an avant-garde feel combining diverse elements such as acid, prog-rock and synthwave. 

Bibi and Liv

Excellent layering of multiple chords, arps and bassline create a superb layered sound with great changes of feel to a more ambient vibe. An excellent momentum and subtle edge of tension at times. 


Synth lead to open creates an ambience contrasting against the more upfront breakbeat drumming pattern. There’s a subtle tension and excellent avant-garde vibe. 

Guissona Age

Synth lead to open evolves with chords and another synth lead to create an atmospheric track with a chilled vibe. 

Clementine X

Uptempo vibe with acid and ambient elements, synths add a kind of call and response feel. Excellent momentum from drumming and bass, the track has a subtle tension. 


An uptempo groove with a breakbeat vibe, there’s a superb change in feel to a more laid back groove with subtle building tension to a final release.