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Review of Debasement Tapes album by Unqualified Nurse Band

Unqualified Nurse Band are a 3-piece band from Derby, UK. Debasement Tapes is their first album which was released in September 2016 as a digital download, limited edition red vinyl and CD.

This is a very intense and full on album at times, Unqualified Nurse Band have a sound that sits somewhere between sludge, post punk, grunge, metal and indie. There’s excellent use of feedback and distortion often contrasted with a less distorted sound. The drumming is solid and with the bass provides a great foundation. The vocals are superb too, having a great passion and intensity.

100 Beats
This song has distorted guitar and effects to open, a very heavy sound with excellent vocals which have a great intensity. Excellent riffing and solid drumming and bass.

Getting Sweaty
Feedback and distortion to open followed by an excellent heavy riff and surf guitar feel to the lead line. The verses have a more stripped back feel going full distortion in the chorus. Vocals again are excellent.

My Boots are Shaking
Great drumming to open, riffing has slight distortion with some really distorted chords in the chorus. Great vocal harmonies and a surf guitar feel at times too.

Growing Down
A great riff to open propelled by uptempo drumming and bass. Vocals are excellent again. Great change between a more clean and distorted sound.

It’s Inevitable
Feedback to open, a slower riff and drumming with some excellent lead guitar leading into a heavier sound at times.

There’s No Stopping Fate
An acoustic riff to open, drumming gives great momentum leading into a chord vamp type of feel at times. The vocals are great again and the song has an excellent indie vibe at times.

Get out of London
A great groove to open from drumming, bass and riffing. The vocals are excellent again. Another uptempo song with great changes in feel.

Two Black Eyes
Another great opening groove from bass, drumming and vocals leading into a heavy riff. There’s a surf guitar riff too interspersed with the heavier sections.

No Peaks No Troughs
Really uptempo drumming to open with pretty hectic bass, there’s an excellent surf guitar riff which has a call and response feel with the vocals. A great control to the song, keeps from going over the edge. Just.

You Pulled Through
Another uptempo opening from riffing, bass and drumming. Vocals are very intense again. There’s an excellent groove to this song again.

Death Will Stalk You
A crackle type sound to open with improvised drumming leads into a riff with a great groove. There’s some heavy chord riffing and nice contrasts with less distorted guitar riffs building and releasing tension. The vocals are excellent, a great intensity.

Gimme Life
Opening with drumming, the song has a laid back groove propelled by bass and guitar. Excellent change of feel to a really heavy sound.

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