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Review of ‘You are the Sky’ album by Weeed on Halfshell Records

This is a superb album, it’s steeped in prog rock traditions of the 70s with elements of Kraut, experimental and a hint of surf guitar for good measure.

It’s a superb tight knit sound with excellent lead and solos backed by solid drumming, bass, superb vocals and the occasional synth and background sounds for good measure. Superb changes of feel with some unusual time signatures and changes thrown in for good measure.


A slow evolving atmospheric opening from deep, shaking bass sounds, synth and ethereal vocal type sound. The guitar lead is given momentum by solid drumming and bassline. Superb laid back jam quality to the song with nice change to a more uptempo feel with a final release.

I See You

A solid uptempo prog rock groove from riff, drumming and bass. The vocals sit quite low in the mix and have an ethereal quality to them.

Where Did You Go?

An urgency to the opening from drumming, bass and strummed chords building to a superb prog rock groove with vocals. Really nice changes in feel between uptempo and more laid back parts of the song with a percussive break and guitar effects building a final crescendo to end.

Open Door

Synth riff and vocoder vocals to open are given momentum by a bassline. Sporadic guitar lead and background sounds create a woozy, trippy atmosphere.


Evolving opening with drone and slow guitar lead building to a more defined rhythm propelled by bass and drumming. Vocals are excellent, creating a kind of call and response feel. It’s an excellent vibe with a great jam quality, excellent solos and great changes in feel. Harmonica is an excellent element.

You are the Sky

Vocals weave around a guitar lead with drumming building and strummed chords giving a more defined momentum. It’s another solid groove with superb changes of feel and a kind of surf guitar feel at times before a change to a more uptempo groove with slow down effect to a half time groove with solo building the tempo again to a final release.

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