Review of ‘For the Sad, the Mad and the Lonely’ by Trium Circulorum (TCT4)

Trium Circulorum is a recording name of Martin Kristopher who also records under 3dTorus, 3rd Witness and Kanal Drei. He is a prolific producer of consistently high quality albums and I’d definitely recommend checking out his back catalogue, there are a number of reviews I’ve done previously on my blog.

This is an excellent album, it has a hypnotic feel and is really well arranged and produced. There are some great synth sounds and development of percussive rhythms contrasting with the driving kick rhythm. There’s a looping / repeating feel and some of the tracks are like alternate versions.

Part 0
Noise and a looping pad type riff sitting low in the mix creates a great ambience.

Part 1
A 4:4 kick pattern with percussive impacts creates a great rhythm. The emerging synth riff sits low in the mix gradually increasing in volume with the kick rhythm becoming more urgent. It’s really well layered and produced and has a looping / repeating quality.

Part 2
A 4:4 kick rhythm to open with a synth riff sitting low in the mix, this song continues where part 1 left off, it’s like an alternative version. There’s great development of percussive rhythm and excellent layering and arrangement again.

Part 3
A great kick rhythm with a synth riff sitting low in the mix. I really like the development of the percussive rhythm which gives a greater urgency.

Part 4
Again an alternative version with different synth sounds, there’s a great interplay between the synth rhythm and kick rhythm. A drone adds a great element. The development of the percussive rhythm adds a great tension.

Part 5
An excellent opening with synth riff and developing percussive rhythm. The tension builds gradually with a great build and release.

Part 6
The kick rhythm has a subdued feel with percussive impact sounds and evolving drone with great movement which sits low in the mix gradually increasing in volume. The song has a hypnotic feel and a darker edge.

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