Review of The Beginning EP by Chanel Samson including #2ubeXtra2015 video

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Today has been a very good day for Chanel Samson. Not only did she give an outstanding performance at the 2ube Xtra festival – the video is embedded above and does contain some bad language, Chanel’s performance starts at about 1:04:50 – it also sees the release of her EP The Beginning.
The Beginning will no doubt divide opinion. For me though it is brilliant, original and very clever. Chanel has a very refreshing and unique style and sound. There’s elements of 50s big band; jazz and show tunes led by Chanel’s excellent vocals which have a great energy and passion with a hint of anger at times too. But that’s not all, the subjects are personal covering some serious issues too but Chanel’s attitude deals with these in quite a positive and upbeat – flippant even – manner.
F U Matthew (Radio Edit) This is a great song, it has some suggestions of a 50s style with a big band influence but has a thoroughly modern indie production. The vocals are excellent and there’s a great attitude to the song, it has a kind of swing with the odd outburst for good measure.
The Old Guy (Radio Edit) This song has show type qualities at times, a smooth sound with a nice edge provided by distorted guitar. The vocals tell an all too familiar story unfortunately but again there’s a great attitude in the vocal style with some nice harmonies too.
Little Red Dot Great ukelele playing with a jazz (swing) feel, the vocals again are excellent. The song has a 50s country feel at times too with some great piano playing. As you listen the penny drops what the song is about and if you watch the video above Chanel explains the meaning of the song.
Worth the Gold An uptempo start to the song, great riff and really nice harmonies too. Excellent vocals again, has the feel of a show tune and there are really nice changes in feel through the song with some more uptempo parts adding a great energy.