Review of 'Slow Motion' album by Meter Bridge

Meter Bridge

Meter Bridge are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu, a darkpop synth duo from Nelson, BC. Slow Motion is the follow up album to their previous self titled release which I’ve previously reviewed here.
Slow Motion is a great follow up album, there’s some excellent synth sounds and basslines which are layered to great effect. The vocals are also excellent with some great harmonies and variations in style. Meter Bridge have a great sound, at times it’s almost glitchy, other times more laid back whilst maintaining a great edge and nice tension between laid back and more uptempo elements at times.
Filter This song has a great arp to open which combined with the drums gives the song an urgency. It also has great synth sounds and a really nice tension with the chords. The vocals are great and create a nice edge to the song.
Responding with a Kiss This song has a delayed bassline to open and background vocals leading into great harmonies and some excellent background sounds. It has a real edgy almost glitchy feel with really good tension from changes in the vocal style and drums.
Bliss A great synth riff and squelchy bassline to open, there are great harmonies again. There’s a great groove to the song, really good use of delay. Nice change in feel about 2/3 way through with great build of tension.
Frozen Another great riff to open and some really good background sounds. There’s great layering of sounds and really good vocals again. There’s a great feel to the song, it’s a bit edgy at times with a great momentum.
Meant to Be A brilliant synth sound to open, the bass is quite sparse but really effective developing more of a driving feel at times. There are great harmonies again and really nice edge to the song with great changes in feel too.
Distance Between Us A great riff and bassline with sparse drums to open, the song feels laid back in some ways but equally there’s an edge and drive to the song.
Quicksilver This song has another great bassline and delayed synth riff to open, the drums give a really good momentum. Excellent vocals again.
Kite This song has great percussion and acid sounds to open with, the vocals are more spoken. The song has a sparse breakbeat feel, again great layering and really nice use of delay effects.
It Was Nothing There’s a different feel to the opening of this song, it feels more ambient with a great pad type sound and riff but there’s still an edge provided by the vocals and the drums give an urgency and great contrast against the other elements.
Sincerely Yours The bassline and drums give a great momentum with two really well layered synth riffs. Again there’s a contrast between the laid back feel to the vocals and more uptempo drums. Great layering again and a nice tension to the song.
Always Looking for You Another great riff and sparse bassline to open, great harmonies again. Great squelchy synth sound too, the song has a funk feel at times, great layering again.
Coming Up For Air Brilliant bluesy vibe to this song from the bass and riff and some great background sounds and harmonies. The song has a laid back feel which contrasts really well against the drums which give the song a good momentum. The blues solo is a really nice touch.
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