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Review of ‘Forever Driftin’ by Foul Tip on Cardinal Fuzz / Captcha Records

The music created by Foul Tip is dense, unified, and symbiotic, but the band itself is comprised of the unlikeliest of duos. Bass player Adam Luksetich, grandson of Notre Dame legend Johnny Lujack and co-founder of Amazon, began pursuing music as a hobby after his third semester at Oxford. Drummer Ed “Tedders” Bornstein, on the other hand, grew up in a rural town that had been largely destroyed by feral pigs in the 1970s, only to become a destination spot for prostitutes and shoe thieves in the years to come. Luckily, Ed was able to drum his way out of his decrepit town and into a higher education.

Only when Adam and Ed found themselves both living in Chicago were they able to make Foul Tip a full-time project and lifestyle. Since then, the band has toured relentlessly, recorded fourteen full-length studio albums, and drawn international attention for their wild stage shows and extraordinarily controversial political views – K.Koppes

It has been released by Cardinal Fuzz as a limited 43 pressing on Red Vinyl (only 3 left at the time of publication) and also black vinyl.

For customers in the USA it is available from Captcha Records on red vinyl, black vinyl, handmade CD and also as a digital download.

Foul Tip have a great sound that is very difficult to describe. At times there’s elements of indie, rock, grunge and post punk yet they carve out their own unique style and sound. They have a very tight knit sound with a great edge which this album highlights really well. It’s also impressive how Adam makes his bass playing really expansive by including riffs and melodies (seemingly at the same time) into the songs.

Opens with a sound like a radio in the background leading into an uptempo feel from the bass riff and drumming, this song has a great edge with a great distorted tone on the bass. There’s an excellent riff towards the end when the song is canned for not being good enough.

This song has uptempo drumming with a syncopated bass riff which sounds like chords leading into a distorted riff. The vocals are quite edgy with some good harmonies.

A staccato opening riff with drumming to open leading into a more defined groove. Great vocal harmonies again, nice changes in feel between the staccato and more defined grooves.

An instrumental song, I really like the harmonics produced by the bass which has an expansive sound compared to normal bass playing.

Great groove from the opening bass riff and drumming, the song has a jumpy feel. There are some great effects on the bass which also provides a harmony and melody.

This has a more laid back feel, a great riff with harmonics which provides a really full bass and chords sound. The drumming is solid again and vocals are really good too.

Changes ***
A great uptempo groove from bass riff and solid drumming again. Really good vocals again. A great momentum and energy.

Strike 1000
A creeping feel to the riff with sparse drumming leading into a more defined groove. The vocals have a great edge of tension at times. I like the change in feel, the distorted tone gives a kind of ominous feel at times.

Has a military feel to the opening drum beat which gives an urgency. There’s an anger to the vocals and the bass is quite subtle on this track.

Great drumming and riff to open, really good vocals with harmonies again. It’s a great groove with an excellent distorted tone on the riff at times. The sound opens up really well with the bass providing a kind of harmony which contrasts really well against the more distorted chord sounds.

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