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Review of 'Hot Sweet and Blue' compilation on Factory Fast Records

What I love about this compilation is the way that the songs don’t always stick to convention, sometimes combining styles, different elements or having great changes in feel which gives the album a distinctive sound. There are some great grooves, distorted riffs, blues and jazz vibes with great vocals too.
David Romaine – Made of Star
Uptempo drumming to open with a strummed riff, the song has a great groove. The vocals have great harmonies and I really like the timing changes, sometimes on the beat and sometimes behind, giving a great contrast.
Gypsy Ghosts – Try Not to Die
There’s a great 80s 2 tone feel to the opening, an excellent arrangement. There are really good changes in feel and a great vibe to the song. The vocals are excellent, they have a great intensity at times. There are some great guitar lead lines too with a surf guitar feel at times.
Mojave Nomads – Fat Quarter Stack
A great distorted riff and drumming to open creates a solid groove. The vocals are processed really well. The song has great changes in feel, there’s some really good riffing too.
Lowrise – Kill to Love
A great riff to open the song with shimmering guitar chords, there’s a great momentum provided by the drumming and a great urgency to the song with a nice release in tension too. The vocals are more spoken at times with a great edge of angst and tension. There’s some really good uptempo riffing and a great solo too.
Pig’n’Aif – Oh Girl
I really like the beach recording to open which leads into strummed chords and a feel somewhere between jazz and lounge. The song has a great laid back vibe and some really good piano too. The vocals have an upbeat feel and suit the style really well.
Mike Marison – Here in my Life
An excellent blues vibe to open the song, solid drumming provides a great momentum and there’s a great groove provided by bass, synth and guitar. The vocals are really good with a nice edge at times. There’s a really good solo too.
Lila Blanca – Disappear
Great wah and flanged guitar to open leading into a delayed riff and subtle bass, the drumming is quite uptempo. There’s a great distorted riff with a nice change of feel and the vocals add a nice edge of tension.
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