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Review of Kiss Yr Frenemies album by Illuminati Hotties

This is a superb album, the sound is hard to describe but it’s somewhere between indie, power pop and shoegaze.

There’s a great range of styles from slower, melodic ambient sounds to a more upfront power pop / indie sound often with excellent changes of feel in a song. The vocals are outstanding, they have a dreamy, floaty quality at times, at others more upfront and kick ass. They always convey a great depth of emotion, their vulnerability makes a superb connection with the listener.

Kiss Yr Frenemies
Jazzy guitar chords and soft vocals create a sultry, captivating song.

(You’re Better) Than Ever

Sound effects, feedback and energetic drumming create an uptempo groove that contrasts really well against the more laid back vocals.

Shape of My Hands
Feedback and plucked bassline contrast really well with strummed chords, drumming and bass give a great momentum. The song has an excellent guitar hook, also nice changes in feel and a great energy. Vocals have a laid back feel again, a kind of indie / power pop sound.

Evolving synth drone, ethereal spoken vocals like an answerphone message or voice recording to open. There’s a laid back drumming pattern and feedback with laid back vocals giving a slow shoegaze kind of feel with an excellent contrast with distorted guitar and more upfront vocals.

For Cheez (My friend, not the food)
Strummed chords and chord riff create an atmospheric opening with floaty vocals that compliment the style really well. Bass and delayed riff give a great momentum. Edgy distortion / feedback gives a superb contrast returning to the more laid back sound to end.

Paying Off the Happiness
Uptempo drumming, percussion, bass and guitar riff give a solid groove. Excellent vocals again, kind of hope tinged with angst. Some excellent layered background sounds and nice changes in feel to a more upfront sound at times.

Atmospheric opening, strummed guitar and dreamy vocals develop the sound which is given momentum by kick drum. Excellent build and release of tension with distorted guitar riff.

The Rules
Sound effects to open and strummed chords create a longing or lonely feel, dreamy vocals give a great contrast. Strings add a great element.

Strummed guitar chords and processed vocals create a tension and great emotion.

Pressed 2 Death
Uptempo guitar riff and drumming create a high energy indie punk kind of sound with great changes in momentum. Love the irreverence of the vocals.

Piano Chords to open, soft vocals create a heartfelt song full of emotion.

Illuminati Hotties have a number of upcoming shows:
Nov 1st Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Canada
Nov 2nd Neumos, Seattle, WA
Nov 3rd Revolution Hall, Portland, OR
Nov 5th August Hall, San Francisco, CA
Nov 6th Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 7th Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara, CA
Nov 8th House of Blues San Diego presented by Cricket Wireless, San Diego, CA
Nov 9th Troubadour (Doug Weston’s Troubador Tavern), Los Angeles, CA
Nov 10th The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, AZ
Nov 12th Barracuda, Austin, TX
Nov 13th Dada Dallas, Dallas, TX
Nov 15th Soundbar, Orlando, FL
Nov 16th The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA
Nov 17th High Watt, Nashville, TN
Nov 17th Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC

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