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Review of 'Remember the Highs' album by Little Lapin

Little Lapin is the moniker of UK singer songwriter Lucy Hill, and she has been making her mark on audiences all over the world, from New Zealand where she was based for five years, to New York where she recently performed the last leg of her acoustic tour.
I reviewed the single release of Remember the Highs back in February and was really impressed. The album was released in May and I can only apologize for the delay in posting the review, it has taken much longer than I intended because this really is an excellent album which has outstanding vocals and each of the songs has great playing and arrangements. The album has a natural, organic type of feel, there’s a great vibe and excellent contrast between the edginess and sometimes sadness of the vocals / lyrics and more upbeat elements of the songs. The songs have a great way of telling a story with powerful, emotional vocals that you can really relate too.
Magnet Eyes
Great acoustic riff to open, a real edge of tension with a great bass line, lap steel and simple but effective percussion. The vocals are excellent, they’re really heartfelt with an edge of sadness which contrasts really well with the upbeat feel of the song at times. Really nice changes in feel too.
Over the Draft
A great acoustic riff and vocals to open accompanied by a great tremelo guitar. Drums enter the song to add momentum. The song has a great dreamy quality contrasted with more of an angst feel from the vocals at times. Great layering of sounds, excellent production.
Remember the Highs
A slightly distorted jangly riff to open backed by solid drumming opens the song with a great momentum maintained throughout. There’s a great edge to the song, the vocals are superb – they’re beautiful, gritty, edgy and create a great tension at times.
Lovely acoustic guitar to open, simple percussion gives a great momentum. Vocals are excellent again. There’s a nice change in feel which gives a more uptempo feel at times. There’s really good layering of sounds too. Another song with a sadness to the lyrics / vocals but a positive feel to the song which gives a great contrast.
Sound of Summer
I really like the increasing intensity of the percussion to open leading to an organ and great vocals again. Really nice use of ride cymbal too. A great lead riff and a nice momentum provided by drums / percussion and bass giving an edge to the sound. Great changes in feel too.
In My Mind
A great opening groove from bass, guitar and simple but really effective percussion. Great vocals again, a really nice momentum to the song with an edge. A great lead riff with really nice trem.
Colour Blind
Lovely acoustic riff to open accompanied by great vocals. A simple arrangement but really effective. There’s a great angst in the vocals and a really good change of tempo to a more uptempo feel provided by drumming and distorted guitar returning to the acoustic feel with a really nice shimmering guitar riff. Bass adds a great contrast.
Another song with a great acoustic riff and lovely vocals to open, a slowly evolving synth sound builds a nice tension. This song has a great ebb and flow type of feeling.
A Nice Coincidence
Great acoustic guitar and vocals to open, bass and percussion give a really good momentum. There’s a really positive vibe to this song, a great feel.
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